Thursday, September 7, 2017

'The French Omelette' - by K.J.S.Chatrath

I went to a small French town of Boulogne in France last year to visit and the 'Meerut Military Cemetery' and to pay my homage to the 318 Indian soldiers who lie buried/commemorated there. They had come all the way from India to defend France during the First World War and became martyrs.

During a spare day, I moved from one to the other museums in this small town. In between I found time to have a quick bite.

Well, I am not a lover of French food, especially  the non-vegetarian dishes,  as I find those to be under cooked and raw. So quite often my choice rests with a French omelette- after all they claim to have invented the Omelette.

I took a seat in a sidewalk cafe and ordered one, adding a glass of white wine to the lunch. Supply of bread, as you would know, is by law offered free with every ordered dish in  France, and one must thank Napoleon Bonaparte for his thoughtful decree on this.

I enjoyed the omelette and the bill, including the tip came to 15 euros- well Europe is expensive and one must travel to Latin America for food at one third of this price. And of India is even cheaper on the omelette scale.

Did you say Bon Apetit?


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