Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Let us go for a walk in Paris..just you and me...

Photo by Jeffrey T. Iverson

Let us go for a walk, near the Canal St Martin in Paris. Just you and me, hand in hand and not a word to be spoken… .

Please click at the following link to read ‘Parisian Walkways: Canal Saint-Martin’ by Jeffrey T Iverson;

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Monday, September 1, 2014

The 'Merde' series

What! You have not heard about the ‘Merde’ (literally meaning 'shit') series? Never mind we all grow up. Here is a review to educate ourselves.

Author Interview with Stephen Clarke by Anne McCarthy. ‘Stephen Clarke is dirty: Or rather, his new book is. Clarke, author of the international bestseller A Year in the Merde and the subsequent books in the Merde series, is adored by readers far and wide for his biting, comic, Brit wit. His wry humor, engaging style and deadpan deliveries punctuate his pages, making for a pleasurable read, be you French, English or other.

Click at the following link to read the article S.V.P. :


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